This lovely picture was taken by my lovely friend Amy. It helps me to remember some of my favourite things…. warm days, blue skies and being outdoors, out of the urban and in the bell tent. This blog is generally about my favourite things. Namely family life, artisan practices, nourishing food, gentle parenting, home education, sustainable living and whatever other topics flow by. It is a way for me to follow, note and share all the things that I am learning.

The way life is flowing right now brings me to exploring ways to naturally heal hypothyroidism,  caused by an underlying auto-immune issue. It has been a winding journey so far and now I am learning much more about the healing properties of food and herbs. I love to cook and bake and am finding ways to replace many ‘convenient’ foods with home-made wholefoods. It’s an experiment I enjoy, the kids perhaps not so much.

We have two wonderful childerbeasts. The six year old is a whirlwind of excitement, wild emotions and exploration. He has taught me more since his arrival than the rest of my life. The three year old is a sweet pea. Kind and caring, full of fun and just so particular. She teaches all of us how to be better people. And I am lucky to have the ‘other half’ so steady and dependable. He’s a musician and teacher. I have a love of all that he creates and, actually, he looks great on stage.

Although we live in a small city I am often found trying to find handmade ways of living. I hanker after a rural life but I need to be around folks too. I love the corner shop at the end of the road! I try to constantly question the way that we live, there is a little anarchist within, and live in balance with others and with the earth. I observe the turning of the year and the seasonal celebrations. Finding ways to teach the young ones of this is always fun. We educate at home as an extension of gentle parenting.

I make things, and photograph things. Some to sell others for fun. I have endless ideas and projects on the go of various arts, crafts, makings and doings. I try to recycle stuff for this as much as possible.

And so I hope others may enjoy sharing in these topics. I’ve gained much from others by following blogs in the last year. It is a wonderful resource that’s accessible to all. We can truly share stories, knowledge and experience in ways that was never possible before we all got online. It blows my mind so I thought I’d give it a go and get involved 🙂


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